Loving Duck Keeps Cold Abandoned Puppy Warm Under Its Wings

Loving Duck Keeps Cold Abandoned Puppy Warm Under Its Wings

Social media was taken by storm this week when a picture featuring a small puppy and a duck huddled together and hugging in the freezing weather went viral.

The puppy has likely been abandoned, either by a family or its mother, and just a little while after birth it was found on its own in the street. But it wasn’t a person who found it first – it was a little duck.

The duck spotted the poor pup shivering in the cold and waddled right over to help. At first, an onlooker worried that the duck might behave aggressively towards the puppy, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Using its wings, the duck wrapped itself around the puppy, helping to keep it warm as the cold weather continued to rage on. The duck even gave the puppy some pets on the head with its beak to comfort it!

Ducks and pups have become friends before, and other stories of this kind of friendship have been told in the past. Luckily, this time, a kind and compassionate bird was just in the right area to see a little one in need of help. In even better news, both animals have received the care and help they need!

This story may have a happy ending, but many others around the world do not. Please remember that in this very cold weather, it is not safe for most animals to be outdoors, so please keep your own pets inside during this time. In addition, if you see an animal without safe protection from the climate, please reach out to your local authorities.

Images & Feature Image Source: gtgoodtimes

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