Loving Pup Has The Best Reaction When Her Brothers Come To Visit Her!

Loving Pup Has The Best Reaction When Her Brothers Come To Visit Her!

There’s nothing Bayla loves more than family. She’s lived her the Plotkins for almost all of her life and loves them all very, very dearly – her Mom and Dad and her two human brothers.

But as time went on, the brothers grew up and slowly left home, and now Bayla treasures every single moment she gets to spend with them whenever they come to visit about once a month. And each time they show up, Bayla can barely contain herself, and results are always adorable!

When those brothers came by for a visit recently, Bayla knew immediately when they arrived, even before she saw them! When she saw her first brother, her happiness levels shot through the roof, and she immediately began to jump for joy – literally! The pup leaped up high into the air, jumping several feet and almost looking like she was going to fly!

Once the second brother arrived, the pup became even more excited, never stopping in her repeated jumping for even a moment. As she watched her brothers approaching one by one, her legs never tired and she continued to nearly touch the top of the doorframe in her anticipation!

Bayla has always been very affectionate and loving. She loves to cuddle and she acts like a lap dog even though she’s really quite large! As such, it’s really no surprise that she expresses her love for family in such an endearing and beautiful way, and that she follows them around non-stop when they visit. Dogs – what did we do to deserve them?

Images & Feature Image Source: Joey Plotkin

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