Loving Pup Takes Care Of Mommy When She's Sick In The Most Adorable Way!

Loving Pup Takes Care Of Mommy When She's Sick In The Most Adorable Way!

Dobby had only just spent two days in her new forever home when she became extremely ill and was diagnosed with parvo. Her family had already fallen in love with her and was heartbroken, refusing to give up on her.

The vet revealed that she had a very slim chance of survival if she stayed at the hospital, but said that it may be better for the family to bring the pup back home. The pup would likely fare better at home surrounded by family spending time with her than stuck in an unfamiliar environment.

Dobby’s Mom and Dad took her home and put her in a separate room so she would not infect their other family dogs. Daddy moved into that room with her, never letting her out of his sight. It was a Thursday when they brought her home, and the vet said that if she pulled through until Monday, she was likely to make a full recovery.

Mom and Dad doted on Dobby, giving her everything she could need and want, and they decided to get her a special toy to serve as her companion during the tough time. The moment Dobby saw the bright pink stuffed bunny toy, she was in love. It stayed by her side constantly, the pup bringing it along with her everywhere. She made sure it was tucked in with her and brought it with her to her food bowl when she had an appetite.

With Mom and Dad’s doting love and her pink bunny, Dobby successfully made a full recovery. After that, her relationship with the bunny toy changed. She still considered it very special and refused to let any of her three pup siblings play with it, and she never chewed it or treated it roughly. But she gained new toys to play with and kept the pink bunny safe in the background, keeping an eye on it.

Then, one day, Dobby’s Mom became ill with an awful migraine that led her to stay home from work. Dobby immediately knew something was wrong and refused to leave her side, “protecting” her from her bigger and more clumsy dog siblings. Then, as her Mom resurfed after a very bad nausea spell, she looked up and saw that Dobby had brought her the pink bunny! To Dobby, this toy had made her feel better, so it made sense that it would work on Mom, too!

Three years later, Dobby still has her special pink bunny, who she believes carries some sort of magical healing power within it. Every time someone else is sick, she makes sure to bring them the bunny, and when it’s not in use, she keeps it away carefully and protects it so it can work its magic when needed again!

Images & Feature Image Source: Shani Coppa

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