Loving Pups Slept Outside The Hospital For Weeks Until They Could Visit Their Dad

Loving Pups Slept Outside The Hospital For Weeks Until They Could Visit Their Dad

Staff at Hospital Agudo, Brazil, were confused when they first noticed two dogs hanging out in the entryway of the building. The pups weren’t up to any mischief, so staff let them stick around. Then, two weeks into the pups’ vigil, they found out exactly why they were there.

One of the dogs, Princess, was the pup of a local man who had been transferred to the hospital. The other pup, Scooby, was her best friend and elected to keep her company.

The two pups came to the hospital following the local man and refused to leave since.

Maria Alice Altermann, a vet, was called to the hospital by a friend of hers who worked as a nurse there. She was requested to do a little checkup on the waiting pups. That’s when doctors also decided that the pups should be allowed to see the patient they’d spent all their time waiting for, too.

So after a quick checkup and a little grooming session, both Princess and Scooby were gently brought into the hospital in carriers and taken right into the room of the patient they’d been dying to see.

The moment he saw the two pups, his spirits seemed to lift considerably. Although he couldn’t move, his breathing quickened and he became happier.

Once the pups were released, they hurried onto the bed, and doctors gently helped place his hand onto Princess, and the pup didn’t move from that spot. It was an unconventional sort of treatment, but no one could deny how much brighter the man seemed after.

For now, Princess and Scooby will be taken into the care of hospital staff until the man can be discharged. We hope he gets better soon!

Images & Feature Image Source: Facebook/Hospital Agudo

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