Loving Rescue Pup Adopts Newborn Foal After His Mom Passed Away

Loving Rescue Pup Adopts Newborn Foal After His Mom Passed Away

Tye, a young horse foal, was only 9 days old when his mother passed away. She had become sick after delivering him and then things became worse very quickly.

On that fateful night when his mother would leave the world, Tye was anxious – but little did everyone know that he would soon have someone looking after him again.

Zip lives on the same property as Tye, and he is an Australian cattle dog. Though new foals are raised by his family each year, he never quite befriends them – merely watches them curiously, but leaves them alone overall. This all changed, though, when the five-year-old pup noticed something was wrong with Tye’s mother.

Karla Swindle, the Mom of Zip, spent the most difficult times for Tye’s mother right next to her in the barn. She was doing everything she could to help her survive – and Zip began to whine. He lay down next to Tye, as though he knew that he was needed. Tye’s mother would pass away the next morning, and Zip would insist on sticking by Tye’s side, refusing to stop providing comfort and love. Tye was tired, but happy to have someone looking out for him.

In the next six weeks, Zip did everything he could to help Tye out. He would run along with Swindle to the barn each day, always arriving first and then excitedly rushing in as soon as the door was open. He would even lie down next to Tye and place his head on him so they could “cuddle”.

Today, Tye is much healthier, much bigger, and a lot more energetic and rough. Zip has retreated since, knowing that the foal is now healthy and no longer needs his support. But don’t worry – Tye loves his independence, and Zip is busy doting on Swindle’s new granddaughter!

Images & Feature Image Source: Facebook/Karla Swindle

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