Loving Rescue Pup Helps Little Girl Heal After She Lost Her Father In An Unfortunate Accident

Loving Rescue Pup Helps Little Girl Heal After She Lost Her Father In An Unfortunate Accident

Emily Taphouse and her daughter Hazel, 4, and June, 2, were struck with tragedy in November 2016 when Taphouse’s husband, Korey, was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

The loss was especially trying for little Hazel. It was like nothing could fill the void her father’s death had left. Taphouse wanted to help her family gain a new, fresh start, so she sold their home and moved up nearby to Grand Rapids, Michigan. She also decided to adopt a bulldog puppy named Fern.

Hazel and June grew to like the brown-and-white dog pretty quickly. They loved to cuddle with Fern and doted on her endlessly. Taphouse watched as their hearts were patched back up by the love of this pup.

But then Taphouse started seeing that Fern became sad and lonely as she grew. She would grow upset when she had to stop playing with other pups, even when the family showered her with as much love as they could. So Taphouse decided it was time to get a new dog!

It was difficult to find a pup that fit in to their home at first. Many shelter’s pups weren’t too good with young children or wouldn’t be able to match Fern’s one-year-old energy level. But then a friend tagged Taphouse in a Facebook post about Juno, a big fostered bulldog with a sad story of her own: she had grown up neglected and abused. She was hit when getting on furniture and faced all sorts of difficulties.

Taphouse knew Juno was the right fit the moment she saw that picture. When she and her daughter went to meet the big pup, she was happy and friendly, and not at all nervous or fierce. It was essentially love at first sight. So they took Juno home and made sure she felt safe and welcome, and the pup fell in love with lying on the sofa!

But the most amazing thing was how Juno and June connected. They became constant companions, always together and constantly touching or snuggling. June takes care of the pup as if she’s a little puppy, even though she’s so big!

Just two years ago, Taphouse had no idea how her family would survive the tragedy they went through.

But now, with the loving energy of Fern and the calming love of Juno, she knows that she and her daughters are healing – and it’s all thanks to these beautiful, sweet pups.

Images & Feature Image Source: Emily Taphouse

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