Loyal Pup Left Heartbroken After Waiting Weeks For Dad To Come Back Home...

Loyal Pup Left Heartbroken After Waiting Weeks For Dad To Come Back Home...

In Mabalacat City College, located in Pampanga, Philippines, a stray pup has been waiting and waiting for two weeks. But tragically, the person he’s waiting for is never coming back.

Buboy is a stray dog who has wandered around the college for a long time. It is here that he met his favorite person and unofficial “Dad”, Professor Carmelito Marcelo, four years ago. Marcelo and Buboy were extremely close, and the pup would follow Marcelo everywhere he went with no fail.

The pup would wait for Marcelo in the morning by the front gate, follow him as he went to his classes, eat lunch with him inside the staff office, and see him off when the work day came to an end. Marcelo loved the pup dearly and would come to visit him even when he didn’t have to teach any classes on that day.

Although it wasn’t official, Marcelo considered Buboy his family. But tragedy struck recently when Marcelo suffered a stroke. He was hospitalized for many weeks before sadly passing away. But this is not something you can just tell a dog. Kristina Demafelix, one of the co-workers of Marcelo, began to notice that Buboy was spending time around the faculty office after Marcelo was taken to a hospital.

But weeks passed, and he never gave up hope, whining and crying for his best friend. To help him move on, Demafelix decided to bring Buboy along to the wake of Marcelo.

At last, Buboy saw his former Dad laid to rest – but he didn’t want to leave when the wake was over. He was absolutely devastated.

Now, the entire college faculty is pulling together to help care for the distressed pup. They are all concerned for him, and they hope to help him heal and give him all the love he needs.

Images & Feature Image Source: Facebook/Ma Kristina Paola Demafelix

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