Maddy The Beagle Caught Red Handed Doing THIS!

Maddy The Beagle Caught Red Handed Doing THIS!

Everyone meet Madison, i.e. Maddy, an adorable beagle who just couldn’t resist herself no matter how hard she tried when she saw her favorite snack bag – the Cheetos!

This adorable beagle pup absolutely and completely, and unconditionally loves the Cheetos and no one’s stopping her from devouring her favorite snack! But as pet parents you might be constantly wondering if Cheetos is good for your fur ball, right?

According to AboutDoggies, “The answer, though, is no, it’s not recommended to give Cheetos to your dog. For one, Cheetos contains quite a few things (e.g. onion powder, garlic powder, high amounts of sodium) that are poisonous to dogs. For two, Cheetos doesn’t really contain anything that would be good for a dog to eat, and is high in carbohydrates. A diet high in carbohydrates, though, could result in obesity in dogs.”

Well, that’s not good then, is it. If your fur ball has already had one or two Cheetos cheese puffs, they might not cause serious damage to their health, but do make sure you fur ball doesn’t eat any more Cheetos cheese puffs. Also, before feeding anything to your fur ball, make sure you’ve got an OKAY from your vet. Now take a look at this fur ball eating a little Cheetos one page 2 below!

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Beagle loves her Cheetos

Feature Image Source: Flickr

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