Make Your Dog’s Vet Visits More Comfortable

Make Your Dog’s Vet Visits More Comfortable

The Fear Free movement has gained a lot of traction lately with its aim to alleviate anxiety and stress in dogs, especially during visits to the vet or while recovering/adapting to life in rescue shelters.

Veterinarians and shelters have committed themselves to this goal, providing calming treats or toys to help calm their canines and using non-skid mats on vet examination tables to prevent slipping. To help ensure stress-free visits for your beloved pets, here are more tips for dog parents:

1. Communicate with your vet.

Call the clinic ahead of time. Inform them of your concern and confirm your schedule. This way, you and your pet are prepared before the appointed schedule.

2. Simulate.

Prep your pet about what to expect during his/her vet visit. You may lift up his/her lids or lips to check his/her teeth, delicately swab his ears with cotton buds, while at home, or let him lie still on the table while checking his eyes and ears. Be creative.

3. Rehearse basic commands such as sit, stay, or down with rewards.

4. Do a pre-appointment visit.

Get your dog accustomed to the clinic’s smell, lighting, sound, and staff’s presence by visiting the clinic prior to an appointment. Make it a positive experience for him/her.

5. Consider a natural pheromone spray to calm him/her.

6. Stay outside or in the car.

Only go in when it’s time. This way, you spare your dog unnecessary agitating stimuli.

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