Man Can't Stop Crying After Learning He Can Keep His Foster Pup!

Man Can't Stop Crying After Learning He Can Keep His Foster Pup!

Toby had lived a rough life. After being abandoned by his family in South Korea, he was taken in by a crowded shelter that had no choice but to leave him in an outdoor kennel in the freezing winter.

Thankfully, Band For Animal stepped in and took the pup in before flying him out to America. He wound up in a foster home with foster Mom Ann Hoang.

Hoang and her husband had, for a while, wanted to add a new pup to their home, but were not certain that they would be able to handle the additional responsibility. They had agreed, instead, to try fostering for a while and only adopt if the fostering process went well. But the decision was made for them when Toby became their first foster dog.

Toby was nervous and frightened at first in his temporary home. He refused to leave his crate and, if he ever did, would just stare at the people around him and never let his guard down. But Hoang and her family were kind, gentle, and patient, and soon Toby realized that not only was he completely safe here, he was also loved.

Soon after, Toby began to open up. He forged a bond with everyone in the house, and he especially fell in love with his foster Dad, who had originally been unsure of the pup. As soon as Toby sat next to him and stared up at him, the two formed an inexplicable bond. It wasn’t long before the whole family – including Charlie, Huang’s own pup – had become smitten with the adorable, loving pup.

Huang realized that her family would be heartbroken to let Toby go. After just one week, he seemed like a part of the family, and Huang knew her husband would miss him so dearly and painfully. So she decided to adopt Toby and surprise her husband with the news. After all the paperwork was filed, she told her husband a “potential adopter” was going to visit, and had that person read a card out that revealed the truth.

Huang’s husband was so thrilled that they were going to keep Toby that he burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying. Soon, the whole house was crying as Toby tried to comfort his brand new official Dad!

Now, Toby lives with a loving forever family, and he and Huang’s husband are closer than ever. They never could have let each other go, and it’s all’s well that ends well for this adorable pup!

Images & Feature Image Source: Ann Hoang

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