Man Confused After Learning He Shares A Name With Family Dog!

Man Confused After Learning He Shares A Name With Family Dog!

Getting a puppy is much like preparing for a baby. You have to make sure they have a bed, toys, food, and whatever they might need. As it is with babies, names are hard to choose. Some people stick with common names. Others go on a more unconventional route.

The same is true for dogs. Worrying about the name you want to give your new puppy is a daunting task. Many people have strong opinions on the topic of giving dogs human names. They simply can’t accept it. Others aren’t really bothered about it though.

One controversial story is of a dog named Brad. The owner posted a story online. They explained that they never had an issue with human names before, but then something happened. The owner’s sister has a boyfriend that is also named Brad. And, being in a relationship with their sister, he was introduced to the family, including the owner. Because of that, he also got to meet his namesake: Brad the dog. Most people would think that sharing a name with a dog is a funny coincidence. But when the two Brads met, the human Brad found the fact that he shares a name with a dog deeply insulting.

After finding that the dog’s name is Brad, the boyfriend’s mood changed. He was off the whole night, and, after they left, the sister called the owner to berate them for “disrespecting her boyfriend”.

After this post was made, other people shared that they actually like sharing a name with a pet. Some people even name their pets after good friends to show that they respect them. So, on the bright side, most people jumped to defend the person who originally posted the story about Brad.

Image Credit: Twitter

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