Man Goes Shopping Then Returns To See A Dog Sitting In His Car!

Imagine you park at your local grocery store ready to do your weekly shop. You check you have your cards, you lock your car, and slowly make your way to get your groceries.

Finally, you have completed your grocery list and make your way back to your car. Except that you notice something strange at your car, a white figure. You start frantically making your way to confront the stranger breaking into your car but what you find instead, is a full-grown dog happily waiting next to your car.

You decide to disregard him, but when you open your car he hops in and refuses to budge. Sounds impossible right? This is the exact situation that Rodrigo Coelho found himself in after doing grocery shopping at his local pharmacy.

When this friendly face refused to leave, Rodrigo decided to take him home and track down his owners. His dogs weren’t very pleased with the new addition to the family, especially because he had no shame in bombarding their personal space, but they let him be.

Rodrigo shared the story on social media in a hope to track down the rightful owners. Eventually, a couple reached out to him and identified the dog, who is actually named Thor, as theirs. Thor happily returned to his family and everybody was relieved.

Dogs truly are exceptional animals with a unique character of their own. Their odd behaviors and crazy antics keep us regularly entertained. There is never a dull moment when you have a furry friend by your side!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Facebook

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