Man Left Heartbroken After Reading Note On Abandoned Dog's Collar

Deciding to have a dog is a decision that should not be taken lightly as it is a commitment that would cost time and resources.

But sometimes, we develop love at first sight for some animals, a love so strong that it drives us to spontaneously commit at that point to become a dog parent. Such a thing happened to Lionel Vytialingam, who lives in Ipoh, Malaysia. He was simply on his way back from the grocery store when he heard multiple cars honking on the road at the same time.

He checked to see what the cause was and noticed a little dog walking on the road. The dog seemed scared and nervous. Lionel decided to follow the dog, but when he got close, he found a note that motivated him to make a decision as big as it was spontaneous. Lionel recounting the incident recalled that the dog was scared by the continuous honking around, and she was in danger of being hit by one of the cars.

As he stopped his car by the roadside and disembarked, the poor dog, fortunately, walked towards him and away from the risky middle of the road. As the dog moved closer, Lionel noticed that there was a note attached to her collar around her neck. The dog didn’t move very close to Lionel for about ten minutes but stood at a little distance and watched quietly, apparently trying to decide if she should trust this stranger.

Lionel, noticing the dog’s hesitation, decided not to move. She finally carefully moved closer to him, and he gently removed the note from her neck.

Watch out for Part 2 to read the heartbreaking note.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Facebook

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