Man Pranks Starbucks Employees With His Dog

Man Pranks Starbucks Employees With His Dog

With so much chaos happening around the world, a little bit of humor here and there is essential as they help us forget the harsh reality for a while. After all, there is an old saying about laughter being the best medicine.

Recently, a man decided to pull a funny prank on some workers at a drive-through Starbucks. The best part was he didn’t do it alone; he enlisted the help of a cute dog as his accomplice.

The prank, caught on video, shows the man arriving at the Starbucks as any customer would. However, after he paid for his drink, he asked one of the workers if he could get a small cup of water. The worker told him he could get the water and left to get it. While she was gone, the man switched to the backseat and got his dog to take over the driver’s seat.

The employee returned to find the dog instead of the man, and they all started laughing. Since the man was nowhere in sight, it appeared as though he had magically transformed into the dog.

One of the employees jokingly asked the dog whether he’d like a puppuccino!

The video is one of the most humorous dog videos you’d see on the internet today.

Image Credit: YouTube

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