Man Stole Severely Emaciated Dog From Stranger's Yard And Gives Her A Second Chance To Life

Where do we draw the line between what is right and what is wrong, especially where the more vulnerable members of society are concerned? Are we allowed to overstep the mark and take action if we perceive an injustice being perpetrated?

This topic became the subject of a heated discussion recently when it came to light that a member of the public, upon hearing the tortured whimpering of an animal in distress, investigated further and took immediate action. In doing so he entered a property without the owner’s consent, only to be confronted with a piteous sight.

What seemed to be a dog was tethered with a thick, frayed rope to a tree. The poor animal was severely emaciated, seemed to have a virulent case of mage and barely had the strength to hold its head up. Vermin of every description appeared to cling to what remained of its coat.

Our hero couldn’t leave it there and leaving all caution to the wind, swiftly untied the rope, grabbed the pitiful bundle and sprinted out the gate, totally oblivious to the vengeful shouts of the owner. The story doesn’t end there.

What was actually a mercy-mission became a hot potato, the owner, seemingly considerably more interested in the violation of his rights than the well-being of his pet, proceeded to prosecute the pet saviour. Battle-lines were drawn, and much debate was given to what is permissible and what is not.

Thankfully, reason prevailed, and today that hapless little soul is flourishing in a good home flaunting a shiny coat and exuberant nature.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: nofx-linoleum

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