With So Many Dog Food Alerts, I Decided To Cook Some Dog Food For My Dog. #LetsBeResponsible

With So Many Dog Food Alerts, I Decided To Cook Some Dog Food For My Dog. #LetsBeResponsible

With so many dog food recalls and possible contamination, I decided to cook healthy food for my dog myself. It turned out great! All you need is 3 minutes!

Let’s be honest, we’re all a little afraid of what we’re feeding our pets, at least I am. After all the contamination risks and recalls, I decided that maybe it was time for me to cook something for someone I love and care for 🙂 Those of you who have dogs will agree that they become part of our family and you want to make sure that she’s healthy and happy, right?

I have two dogs, a golden retriever and a Labrador and I love them with all my heart, so with all the worries, I decided to make food for them myself and it turned out awesome!

Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Make Dog Food For Your Loyal Pets! Unbelievably Simple And Nothing But The Best For Your Pet!

Here’s what the original uploader said on YouTube, “Easy recipe for cooking a HEALTHY chicken, lamb, and veggie stew for your beloved dogs. We’ve been doing this for YEARS and it really makes a difference. Try it today. Adapted from recipes in the book “The Whole Pet Diet” by Andi Brown.” PS. always, always consult your local vet before feeding anything to your dog. I’ve consulted mine before I went ahead to make this dog food 🙂 Also, please Like and Share this post with your friends 🙂

Feature Image Source: TheHelpfuldad

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