Meet Bentley The Bulldog With Gold Teeth!

Meet Bentley The Bulldog With Gold Teeth!

A photo of Bentley the Bulldog with gold lower teeth has Redditors buzzing!

They say that if dogs were humans, bulldogs would be the rappers. Well we don’t know how well Bentley can rap, but he certainly does have a gold “grill.” This photo may give us a quick peek into that world.

According to Reddit user Muffy-Bennet, his Bulldog Bentley broke his lower teeth when he was a pup. They took Bentley to the vet to have his teeth fixed and this is what the vet did…

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Source: Reddit

Bentley’s human said “The vet wouldn’t do white veneers, so he was fitted with gold alloy…here he is, sporting his ‘grill.”

Curious Redditors wondered why the vet chose gold over white.

User HSimpson818 said: “When doing tooth colored crowns on humans the porcelain that gives it the white color has a tendency to chip off. Gold is actually the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to crown materials due to its strength, malleability, and other factors. If you recreated a bulldog’s canines with a porcelain/ceramic crown then it would likely fracture off.”

How interesting! It’s surprising we don’t see more bulldogs with gold teeth like this. Have you ever heard of this before? Tell us in the comments below!

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