Meet Van Gogh - The Rescue Dog with a Talent for Art!

Meet Van Gogh - The Rescue Dog with a Talent for Art!

Van Gogh is a seven-year-old boxer-pit bull with a talent for art. He was rescued from a dogfighting ring in North Carolina and taken to Connecticut by Happily Furever After Rescue, where he had his badly wounded ear amputated due to the abuse he suffered. His unique name is fitting because he is an excellent artist.


Despite his talent, Van Gogh struggled to find a forever home because of his missing ear. To help him find a loving family, the founder of Happily Furever After Rescue, Jaclyn Gartner, decided to showcase his artistic skills. Van Gogh creates abstract paintings by applying paint to a Ziploc bag covered canvas and then licking the peanut butter smeared on the plastic surface.

The rescue center held an art exhibition featuring Van Gogh's paintings to showcase his talents and raise funds for the shelter, but only two people attended and none of the paintings sold. However, after Jaclyn shared Van Gogh's story and the art exhibition on Facebook, it went viral. Van Gogh's paintings sold out and he received commissions, becoming recognized and admired worldwide, even being featured in NowThis News.

Since then, Van Gogh has received numerous adoption requests and his art has helped raise funds for Happily Furever After Rescue. He is now on his way to finding a loving home. His story is a reminder of how intelligent and talented dogs can be.

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