Missing Dog Found 1,600 Miles Away Over 10 Years Later

Missing Dog Found 1,600 Miles Away Over 10 Years Later

The dog belonged to an Arkansas family and was lost for over ten years. Recently, the dog was found in California.

His name is Razzle, and he was picked up on Tuesday, July 6, by a pilot named Jeremy Wade. Razzle is a black miniature schnauzer, so there’s no way he could have gone an estimated 1600 miles all on his own. In his social media post, Wade shared that the 16-year old dog would be returned to his family finally.

He was only 6 when he went missing, but his microchip came in handy when he was picked up by authorities in California. Now old, Razzle looks forward to a quiet life, right after his bathroom break in Sante Fe.

Wade shared a photo of himself with Razzle, along with two other videos showing Razzle boarding the plane, and when the plane departed from the airstrip.

The now popular post featured comments praising Wade and showing their happiness at the reunion. One commenter said, “What a wonderful world we live in! Kind hearts are everywhere. Welcome home to Heber Springs!”. Another commenter added, “Totally awesome story. Hope this ending gets even better when Razzle sees his family.”

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office emphasized the importance of microchips and how they come in handy for lost dogs like Razzle. While collars and ID tags are an option, they can fall off, be removed, or become illegible. Microchips are a form of permanent identification that every dog needs.


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