Molly The Beagle Versus The Swiffer Duster!

Molly The Beagle Versus The Swiffer Duster!

Meet Molly the beagle puppy!

This beagle puppy is having a standoff with the swiffer duster! The puppy seems to be very dedicated to win this fight, and this little one has pretty awesome moves!

And the duster, like any other duster, is not really moving at all!

But let’s not look for excuses, and let the beagle puppy have his standoff with the duster!

This duster is clearly not to be trusted.

According to, “Beagles are gentle, sweet, and funny. They will make you laugh, but that’s when they’re not making you cry because of their often naughty behavior. Beagle people spend a lot of time trying to outthink their dogs, and they often must resort to food rewards to lure the Beagle into a state of temporary obedience.” Well this little pup is definitely making us laugh!

Watch the video below to see the silly beagle pup!

Feature Image Source: Dawn Holland

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