Mom Makes Room To Celebrate Her Corgis

Mom Makes Room To Celebrate Her Corgis

Pup parents will go out of their way to appreciate their dogs with some dedicating a room to their beloved pup. Josephine Zosa is a proud mom of two Corgis Jojo and his little brother Kilo. To celebrate them she created a room filled with all their special belongings and much more!

Jojo recently turned 12 and he celebrated in style, donning a glittering crown and dashing tuxedo. Marking the celebrations was also the grand opening of his and Kilo’s corgi-themed room. The room had been a project in the works and still remains a work in progress.

Decorating the room are memorabilia that highlight Jojo’s work and achievements which include; a surfboard from his surfing days, trophies and medals, and various certificates from his days as a therapy dog.

Also featured in the room are multiple drawings and paintings of corgis, a TV, a doggy treadmill, and a bed fitted out with corgi-themed pillows and blankets. Those who have seen the room have called it a corgi museum and Zosa couldn’t agree more.

Before Zosa would have Joji and Kilo within view playing with each other during the day or by her side in bed in the evening, nowadays the two pups spend nearly six hours a day in the room and sometimes end up sleeping in it.

To add to the corgi appreciation, here are a few fun facts about them:

  • Corgi means ‘Dwarf Dog’ in Welsh; Cor is for “dwarf” and Gi means “dog”.
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgis are born without tails
  • In contrast to their petite size (and probable inability to pull a sled), they share ancestry with Huskies

Image Credit: Josephine Zosa

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