Mom Thought Daughter Was Buying A Sandwich, Turns Out She Adopted A "12-Inch Long" Pup!

Mom Thought Daughter Was Buying A Sandwich, Turns Out She Adopted A "12-Inch Long" Pup!

We all tell little lies sometimes. While we’re in no way encouraging our lovely readers to engage in deception and we believe honesty is the best policy, in this case, a little fib got a pup a brand new forever home!

Kelsey Johnstone, a woman from Texas who lives with her family – which includes a pup named Oliver – had been wanting to bring a new pet into their home for a good long while. But her mother wasn’t exactly supportive of that idea. But all this meant for Johnstone was that she just needed to think outside the box to convince her – or maybe even trick her.

Then, one day, Johnstone happened about an adoption drive organized by the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center. It was a week-long event and was advertising discounted adoption fees, with its big slogan being “$5 Foot Long”, with the idea being that you could adopt any pet measuring 12 inches or longer for just $5. Something clicked in Johnstone’s head. It sounded just like an advertisement for a hot dog or a sandwich, and thus, her little trick was born.

So Johnstone grabbed her phone and asked her mother if she could buy a $5 foot long. Her mother, confused, of course told her to go right ahead, not sure why she’d even ask.

And just like that, Johnstone had her mother’s word that it was okay. That evening, she came home with Bentley the pup! When her mom was told what had happened, she was understandably very surprised.

But then she actually saw Bentley and fell in love with how adorable he was, so she forgave her daughter quickly!

Still, Johnstone doesn’t recommend that anyone else use this method, instead advising that others talk to their parents about the benefits of adopting instead.

Images & Feature Image Source: Twitter/_kelseygracee

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