Mom Tries Hard To Convince Her Friendly Pup To Not Join A Wild Bear For A Swim!

Mom Tries Hard To Convince Her Friendly Pup To Not Join A Wild Bear For A Swim!

We know that our beloved pups tend to be very friendly. It’s an endearing quality that is really lovely to see, but sometimes, that friendliness goes a bit too far!

Jim is one of these extremely friendly and loving pups. Although you can’t actually see him in this hilarious and almost nerve-wracking video, it’s easy to hear exactly why this poor pup needs to reign in his desire to befriend every single creature he sees!

While out with his parent, spending time on a lovely Friday morning in Suttons Bay, Michigan on a boat, Jim noticed something in the water. Immediately, the pup wanted to hurry over to the animal in the distance and add them to his list of acquaintances.

There was just one problem. That animal was a bear.

Understandably, Jim’s parent has to repeatedly caution him against diving headfirst into the water and inviting the bear for a swim. In the video, you can hear Jim’s parent begging him repeatedly not to leap in and paddle over to the menacing animal that definitely did not want any company at the time!

Luckily, Jim is a good boy and listened to his parent, even if he wasn’t too happy about it. He grudgingly agrees to stay in the boat. It’s all for his safety, but he doesn’t know that, and he’s clearly a little disgruntled at being denied a friend!

Later on, after spending some time near a picnic table, the bear trotted off back to the woods, meaning that Jim – and other pups just like him – are safe! Maybe Jim can find some equally friendly companions to be around, instead!

Images & Feature Image Source: Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office

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