Mommy Dachshund Tucks Her Baby Teddy Into Bed!

Mommy Dachshund Tucks Her Baby Teddy Into Bed!

We all know that dachshunds are great mothers but just how good are they? Well, if Poppy is anything to go by, they are excellent, loving mothers. Poppy is being a wonderful mother and tucking her teddy bear into bed to keep warm.

This is just too adorable to watch! Poppy is a mini Dachshund who has a lavender scented teddy bear that she treats as her baby. She absolutely adores this teddy so she does the only logical thing – she tucks him into bed to make sure he stays warm and gets a good night’s sleep! We’re just waiting for the goodnight kiss next.

You’d easily be able to mistake this teddy for one of her puppies for she shows it such total love and care! What a good momma!

Continue Reading And See The Video Of Poppy Tucking Her Baby Teddy Into Bed Here!

Poppy just wants to make sure her teddy has a good night’s sleep and doesn’t catch a chill so she does the only logical thing. This is so sweet, we can barely believe what we’re seeing! What a sweet momma!

Watch the video below to see Poppy tucking her baby teddy into bad!

Feature Image Source: Emma M

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