More Than A Dozen Dogs And Puppies Rescued From Abandoned Home In New Jersey

It’s truly heartbreaking when dogs are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Domesticated dogs rely on humans for food so, when this happens, they may not be able to scavenge enough to stay alive.

Unused to being exposed to the elements, they may die of exposure before starvation. One hopes that before this stage is reached, a concerned human will step in and take action. Monmouth County SPCA recently received a distress call from the police in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and sprang into action. The police had discovered over a dozen pit bull mix terrier puppies and dogs in an abandoned home in New Jersey.

The dogs were housed in extremely uncomfortable conditions with soaring temperatures making the heat unbearable. To compound matters, the poor pooches had no food or water. So dire was the situation, that a dead puppy was found lying on hot concrete in the stifling heat. While a necropsy is yet to be carried out, it is surmised that the cause of death was cruelty. The SPCA quickly provided food for the dogs, which was devoured ravenously, suggesting that it had been some time since their last meal. Once rescued from their living hell, the dogs are all being medically treated, one, however, remaining critical.

To date, nobody has been arrested regarding the shocking neglect and the owner remains at large. These dogs were very lucky that someone intervened, as they could have suffered a miserable and prolonged death. Thank goodness there are angels that work in organizations such as the SPCA and dedicate their lives to ensuring that as many dogs as possible are spared the possibly far-reaching consequences when humans let them down.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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