Most Unusual Military Unit Has Hero Dogs To Thank For Everything!

There are regions so cold where vehicles completely fail, the thin air makes it impossible for them to operate. Although it sounds impossible, a place this cold truly does exist. So, what do the people working here do if they can’t drive vehicles? The answer reminds us what incredible qualities our dogs have!

Despite all the modern technology we have access to today, the working people here have found that the only effective way to tackle the tough terrain is by dogsledding. One of the places where this takes place is along the north-eastern coastline of Greenland. This is one of the icy regions that is home to an elite dogsledding special-units force, Sirius.

This force is the only known military dogsled team, and this phenomenal team carries their workforce across the 8700-mile coastline. Because dogsledding is not a very common form of transport, one can’t help but wonder what actually goes on behind the scenes of a set-up like this.

Questions start flowing through our minds about this unusual workforce. How does dogsledding here work? Do the dogs have to be specially trained? Also, would they spend their entire lives dogsledding? How do they even know where to go without getting lost? How do they work in the dark, is it even possible?

What we have learned by know is that dogs possess abilities that humans can only dream of having. Our four-legged friends can do amazing things, and the Sirius unit is a prime example of where it all happens…

Watch out for Part 2 of this incredible story!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Morten Hilmer

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