Natural Disaster Preparation For Your Dogs

Natural Disaster Preparation For Your Dogs

The idea of a natural disaster happening in the area of your home can be terrifying, especially when you have a dog. How can you keep them safe? Here are 6 tips on doing so.

Get Paperwork Ready

Have your dog’s medical records – including medication prescriptions with dosage information, vaccination records, and everything else that may be relevant – ready to go in a waterproof folder.

Prepare A Safe Room

Sometimes, you will not be evacuated during a natural disaster, but told to hole up at home. In this case, you should have a designated safe room ready – one without glass or windows. A bathroom, basement, or even a walk-in closet are usually good options. Make sure you have access to water in that room.

Make Sure You Know A Safe Place

Find evacuation shelters and points that have space for dogs. In case you can’t find one or get there after they are full, have a backup plan; a dog-friendly inn or hotel works well.

Keep Your Dog IDs

Make sure your dog has a leash and harness ready for an emergency, that their collar fits well, and that their ID is up to date. It’s also a good idea to have your dog microchipped with your current contact information.

Make An Emergency Grab Kit

You should have a bag ready for emergencies that has everything your dog needs in it – their paperwork, food and water, medications, blankets, extra leashes, bowls, a mini first-aid kit, poop bags, a familiar toy, and anything else relevant.

Learn from the past

If past hurricanes have taught us anything, it’s that people need to listen to evacuation instructions. If you’re told to evacuate, do so!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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