Nearly 200 Dogs Have Been Rescued From Puppy Mill In North Mississippi

Nearly 200 Dogs Have Been Rescued From Puppy Mill In North Mississippi

Almost 200 animals were saved from an alleged puppy mill on Highway 305 and Dandridge, Senatobia, Mississippi on Thursday.

These rescued animals included pups, cats, birds, and a donkey, and volunteers with the Animal Rescue Corps rushed to carry them out of the alleged mill as quickly as they could. The rescue happened after receiving a tip that led to an undercover investigation.

The house was in terrible condition, infested with maggots, and the animals within were kept in various cruel ways. Animal Rescue Corps president Scotlund Haisley said they could be found in every area of the property. Some were crammed into small tires or wire hutches, while others were locked in closet or pens, and some were simply running loose. They had been suffering for a long time.

According to Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance, this case was the first he had encountered of that magnitude. He also said that the owner of the property was cooperating with them. “We’re in discussions with her concerning the status of the animals,” he revealed. The rescued animals were all brought to an emergency shelter in Hernando, where they will receive full veterinary examinations. Charges will only be filed once legal custody is cleared up and reports are finished.

In the meantime, if you’d like to help the rescued pups, Animal Rescue Corps will be publishing a list of donations and supplies needed to care for the saved animals, as well as a list of shelter and rescue replacement partners for those who would like to adopt or foster. It looks like the animals are finally receiving the care they deserve! Do share this story to spread the word and help them out!

Feature Image Source: localmemphis

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