Nearly 60 Pups Were Given A Second Chance To Life And Saved From Euthanasia

Nearly 60 Pups Were Given A Second Chance To Life And Saved From Euthanasia

More than 6.5 million pets will be dropped off at animal shelters around the country. Let that sink in 6.5 million pets.

The shelters can’t keep up with the large number of animals they get, and about three to four million animals are euthanized each year. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California are the states that have the most trouble keeping up with pets that get surrendered each day. Some shelters take in up to 100 animals in a single day! Thankfully, 58 pets were spared this fate when they were rescued!

Twenty of them ended up going to Sun Valley, another 20 went to Boise, and the last 18 were sent to Missoula. Shelters have only three choices, according to Dog is My CoPilot President, Peter Rork. Shelters can find homes for the animals (adoption), euthanize them, or send them to another location. Southern states, according to Rork, has an 80% euthanasia rate! Dog is My CoPilot will transport pets out of states and move them to a shelter that has a high adoption rate.

They are saving lives! Rork says that the big issue in the Southern states is that people are not responsible about having pets. Their pets are not spayed or neutered, and that just makes a bad situation worse. So, the reality is this is a people problem, not a pet problem. Please spay and neuter and spread the word! Remember, also, to adopt not shop for your next pet! Be part of the solution …not the problem.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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