Nestle Purina Backs Its Beneful Dog Food Brand Despite Expanding Allegations From Dog Owners. #GoingTough

Nestle Purina Backs Its Beneful Dog Food Brand Despite Expanding Allegations From Dog Owners. #GoingTough

Less than 2 weeks ago, I told you about a class action lawsuit against Nestle Purina’s Beneful. Despite the expanding allegations, this is how Nestle responded. Unbelievable.

Late last week Nestle Purina launched a national campaign in support of its Beneful brand despite the growing number of allegations that Beneful is actually making dogs sick, and has succeeded in killing some. The class action lawsuit was filed in California federal court by plaintiff Frank Lucido on the 5th of February. The amended complaint was re-filed on the 8th of June that includes 26 additional pet owners from different states.

You Won’t Believe What The Amended Class Action Lawsuit Against Nestle Purina States. This Is Unbelievable.

The lawsuit, which previously only mentioned the toxic ingredients in the Beneful dog food, now states that Purina offered cash settlements in exchange for silence from those who voice complaints about the brand. The national campaign, “I Stand Behind Beneful” has been featured as a full-page advertisement in the New York Times and a TV commercial that shows workers who make the dog food and feed it to their pets.

Here’s a video of the Beneful Campaign:

This states, “Purina® employees worldwide are fully committed to the physical and emotional health of your dogs, ensuring the quality and safety of Beneful® Brand Dog Food, a product you can feel confident about. The people who make Beneful and know it best are proud to feed it to their own dogs. See more stories from those who stand behind Beneful here:

Vice president of corporate relations for Purina, Keith Schopp stated, “This really boils down to the fact that we’re really proud of the Beneful product and there are no issues with the quality. We thought one of the best ways to show that pride would be actually through the men and women who make Beneful and feed it to their own pets.

Despite The Colorful Campaign, The Plantiffs Are Not Impressed. See What The Allegations State Against Beneful. You Wouldn’t Believe This.

The lawyer spearheading the case against Nestle Purina has claimed that approximately a thousand people have contacted him telling him their belief that Beneful may have poisoned their dogs. “The immediacy of folks willing to participate was really quite extraordinary,” he said. Therefore, the amended class action lawsuit includes 26 additional plaintiffs who claim $5,000,000 in damages. Purina has continued to deny these allegations by publishing an extensive statement on its website on the 9th of June in response to the amended lawsuit.

Keith Schopp stated, “We’re really disturbed by the ongoing false and unsubstantiated allegations“, and that Purina products “meet or exceed food quality and safety standards. Anytime consumers have questions they can contact us, whether validated or not we have at times responded to them and offered compensation as a good-will gesture. The notion that this is something we just started or there is some sort of a negative motive here is nonsense.

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