Nobody Wanted Her But Her Sad Eyes Spoke To Her Mother

Nobody Wanted Her But Her Sad Eyes Spoke To Her Mother

With three dogs as part of her family, Lauren Smith Greeno seemingly had her hands full. But, when she was looking through Petfinder, she just knew she had to make this dog a part of her family.

Looking back at her was her fourth dog who had the saddest eyes she had ever seen. There was an immediate connection, almost like love at first sight. She knew she had to do something, and fast.

The dog with the sad eyes was Ginnie. She came from a background of abuse where she was not loved or given toys to play with. She was left outside with her brothers and sisters before they were taken to Charlie’s Crusaders Pet Rescue. Half a year had passed and all her siblings were gone, no one wanted Ginnie.

She was just as lovely as the rest and had lots of love to give, but sadly she was overlooked. That was until her new mom saw that picture and did some research. She knew she had to take her home from the moment she saw her and put everything in place to bring her home.

When they got into the car, she was shocked to see how quickly Ginnie warmed up to her. Before she knew it, she was showered with kisses and love from her new dog.

Everyone was hopeful about this new arrangement, and Ginnie blended right in with the rest of her dogs.

Her mother recalled her first experience with a bed when Ginnie suddenly let her body fall and she let out a peaceful sigh. She seemed at peace, at last, knowing she was safe and surrounded by love.

Ginnie no longer has sad eyes and is now a member of a loving family. She brings joy everywhere she goes and reminds everyone to love each other. Thank goodness for that picture.

Images Source: Lauren Smith Greeno

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