Officer Shatters A Hot Car's Window To Save A Crying Puppy Locked Inside

Officer Shatters A Hot Car's Window To Save A Crying Puppy Locked Inside

As the summer months become hotter, more and more sad news keeps coming about children and pets being left locked inside hot cars.

It seems that many people still haven’t learned. Pensacola, Florida was basked with scorching 90-degree heat when the police were contacted regarding two pups left in cars in a mall parking lot. Officer Anthony Giorgio arrived on scene to find the mommy and daddy of the first pup already returning to their car, but the parents of the second pup were nowhere to be scene.

Giorgio attempted to enter the car without damaging it but was unable to, leading him to ask his sergeant for further instructions. He was told to get in the car by any means, so he did, smashing the window with his baton while the puppy hid under the back seat.

The poor pup had been left in a car that had temperatures upwards of 150 degrees, but the strong little baby fur ball pulled through. With the help of some bystanders and a gathering crowd, Giorgio worked hard to cool the pup down by bringing him to his air conditioned patrol car and giving him some water.

Finally, the pup’s parents returned. They were given a $150 fine for animal cruelty, and their pup was returned to them. According to John Robinson, a representative of the Escambia County Animal Services, this was done because “it was such a young puppy that we just wanted to make sure it got back with its mother where it would be okay”.

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Meanwhile, the Pensacola Police Department Facebook page posted on their wall to warn neglectful pet owners not to leave their fur balls in their hot cars, saying that they would send the pup to the Escambia County Animal Shelter and the owners to the Escambia County Detention Facility. “You will both receive attention, food, and shelter, albeit different kinds,” the post read. “So, don’t.” Stop leaving pups in cars! Please share this story to let others know.

Feature Image Source: Pensacola Police Department

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