Old Dachshund Up To His Clever Tricks!

Old Dachshund Up To His Clever Tricks!

Spinner is a dachshund and being small, he can just squeeze through the cat door. In this video, you will see him get out of the house through the use of this small opening!

There is a funny yet embarrassing story behind this scene!

Unbeknownst to his mom and dad he used to wake up at around 4 am on trash collection days, silently climb through the cat door, do a hit and run raid on the trash cans, tipping them over and chowing down leaving the neighborhood in a mess!

The entire neighborhood knew there was some animal doing this, but nobody was sure what or rather, who was doing it until one day a neighbor stayed up all night long, waiting to catch the culprit. Here comes Spinner, trotting down the road, making his rounds at 4am! The family had no idea he was getting out, let alone that he was the source of all these overturned and raided trashcans! The vigilant neighbor brought this to Spinner’s dad’s attention so he said he decided to “make sure I don’t forget to use the trap door locking mechanism twice a week only to wake up to his body slamming against it, you guessed, around 4 am…..” What a dedicated doxie!

Who knew an old dachshund could be the source of all the terrorizing? Spinner’s dad reports this also explained why he would snub food on Thursdays and Fridays (trash days) and kept gaining weight. Mystery solved!

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Watch the video below to see Spinner and his trick!

Feature Image Source: Sergio Ramblue

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