Osito’s Royal Welcome To The Shelter!

Osito’s Royal Welcome To The Shelter!

Changing homes is a traumatic experience for dogs, especially when it is an abusive situation. However, it happens, and many rescues are introduced to shelters in this way.

Osito is one such dog. His family did not want him anymore and all of a sudden he was alone in this world. This was an entirely new situation for Osito and you can only imagine how depressing this was. Thankfully, this would not last forever.

Osito’s story reached Felicia Quispe Arana who ran a homeless shelter named Colitas Sin Techo in Cusco, Peru. Though eager to help, she was worried about how well Osito would fit in with the other rescues. He was only a small puppy while the rest of the residents of the shelter were adults much later than him.

Of course, Osito was nervous when he first arrived and he did not know he was about to receive the sweetest welcome that would make him feel like royalty. He was initially intimidated by being around so many large dogs, but once they met, he was more confident and comfortable.

Osito made new friends immediately, and he felt like a star. But his good luck didn’t end there. Soon, he would receive what every rescue animal wishes for. He found himself a forever home.

He’s no longer at the shelter since he found someone who was willing to adopt him. Arana is happy that Osito can go on and live a happy life with a family to call his own. Her dream is for the rest of the dogs in the shelter to find the same luck!

Image Credit: Colitas Sin Techo

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