Over 300 Dogs Rescued From Dogfighting Ring In South Carolina

Over 300 Dogs Rescued From Dogfighting Ring In South Carolina

The largest dogfighting ring bust in South Carolina resulted in the rescue of almost 300 dogs. More than 20 persons have been arrested by federal and local law enforcement for dogfighting and animal abuse.

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of South Carolina said in a press release that officers stopped a planned dogfight on Saturday night and then issued 23 search warrants the next day.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Bark Nation were on the scene to assist in rescuing the dogs from the appalling conditions and received 305 dogs. Many were discovered with open dogfighting-related wounds and thick chains around their necks.

"At those sites, our rescue team found one tragic scene after another: nursing mother dogs in wire hutches with no apparent access to water or food, dogs on heavy chains or in filthy pens. A number of dogs appeared to have suffered broken bones which had not healed properly." Kitty Block, President and CEO of HSUS said.

Many of the dogs still wagged their tails when the rescue team arrived, despite having endured human cruelty. Thankfully, they are currently receiving the love and care they deserve at undisclosed locations.

Dogfighting is illegal and is a felony that carries a maximum five-year prison sentence. That some people take pleasure in forcing dogs to fight is not only against the law but is also cruel and sadistic.

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