Paralyzed and Abandoned Shelter Dog Named Promise Gets A Second Chance

Paralyzed and Abandoned Shelter Dog Named Promise Gets A Second Chance

Paralyzed and abandoned, all hope was not lost for the shelter dog named Promise whose life was about to change with a road trip from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Amboy, Washington.

Promise joined the Grand Strand Humane Society 14 months ago. They were approached by a couple who blatantly expressed that they no longer wanted the dog, as they could not care for a paralyzed dog. According to the couple, her spine was severed and paralyzed in an accident. Instead of putting her to sleep, the shelter was patient and decided to care for her like they would any normal dog.

Soon, she won the heart of staff members who then placed her in a permanent home called Angels with Misplaced Wings. This connection happened through exposure on Instagram which brought loads of attention to Promise. She currently has over 780 followers who absolutely adore this sweet and innocent dog.

Before the trip, Promise got a chance to tour Myrtle Beach and along Ocean Boulevard. She played in the sand and surf, interacted with people, and enjoyed all the sights and smells. She lived like any normal dog that day.

When it was time to leave for Washington, they took a rental car and drove for five whole days. Promise enjoyed all the sights and they had a ton of laughs. She was completely relaxed as if she knew that at the end of this journey, she would be at her forever home.

Now that Promise is somewhere that she can enjoy undivided attention, she will live out her days happily in the company of people who want her around.

Images Credit: Jocelyn Huffman Emerson

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