Pasadena Police Arrest A Car & Dog Thief Thanks To Dog's GPS Collar

Pasadena Police Arrest A Car & Dog Thief Thanks To Dog's GPS Collar

Dog parents use GPS collars to make sure their furry friends can be found in case they ever get lost. But sometimes gadgets like these can be used in unexpected ways.

For example, in Pasadena, California, police caught a car thief using a GPS collar. This collar belonged to Kazoo, a dog who was inside the stolen car.

After the theft, the owner of the car reported the theft to the Pasadena police. Some officers went to search the crime scene, where they deduced that the thief has abandoned another stolen car before stealing a new one. The dog’s family remembered that Kazoo had a GPS collar, which gave the police the exact location of the perpetrator.

The officers tracked down the car, pulled the perp over, and arrested him. Fortunately, Kazoo was hanging out in the front seat, unharmed. The dog was reunited with his family, who were elated to see him. The dog was completely unaware that he was a hero, and that the perp couldn’t have been caught without his help. He was just happy to be back with his family.

The Pasadena police department posted photos documenting the hilarious case on social media. The photos showed a happy Kazoo in the front seat, as well as the perp, who was covered in dog hair. But the post was also meant to inform people of the dangers their puppies could be in, and how important it is to make sure that dog parents take all the necessary precautions to keep their babies safe.

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