This Is The Most Patient Labrador You Will Ever See!

This Is The Most Patient Labrador You Will Ever See!

Now here is a fur kid who has complete faith that his parents will come through for him.

He just knows if he sits there long enough staring at the ball jammed between the door and the wall, eventually his parents will see him and come to his rescue, freeing the ball!

Instead of trying things on his own (with the chance to mess it up), this yellow Labrador retriever decided to use the power of patience to get his tennis ball! They say this is the difference between dogs and wolves. If a wolf wants something just out of reach, they will try and try to find a way to get it on their own, never asking for help. Fur kids like this cutie, on the other hand, know that people will help. All you have to do is ask.

He just knows that eventually, someone will come to his rescue so he can be reunited with his precious ball.

Watch the video below to see how patiently the Labrador is watching for the stuck ball.

Source: Most Patient Dog Ever Gets Ball Stuck by HomeLifeM on Rumble

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