People Left Heartbroken After Seeing Tiny Puppy Dumped In A Dumpster

People Left Heartbroken After Seeing Tiny Puppy Dumped In A Dumpster

A Good Samaritan was suspicious of a certain bag of trash thrown into a Kansas dumpster and decided to check it out. Little did they know that this decision would save a life.

Inside the dumpster was a very small puppy. He was terrified and injured, and he was lucky to have been found before his condition became irreversible. The Good Samaritan took the poor pup to Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption. This prompted a Facebook post from the organization talking about how there is no excuse whatsoever for this type of cruelty.

The puppy was just about two months old, and staff named him Minimus. When he arrived, he was covered in wounds that oozed throughout his small form, appearing open, almost like punctures. He was taken to a vet, and thankfully his injuries were not fatal. His condition remained stable, and all that was left was to recover.

Despite everything he had been through, little Minimus was thrilled to receive love and affection from staff. He enjoyed cuddling with them and showering them with his gratitude. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could have the heart to dump the pup in a cold, dark garbage bin!

He could have just been brought to a shelter like Unleashed, which would have happily taken him in and cared for him. The pup has since been placed in a foster home, where now continues to rest and heal.

He’s also up for adoption, so he’ll soon be in a forever loving home that would never discard him that way ever again!

Feature Image Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption

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