Pets In San Diego Are Suffering From Increased Flea Plague

Pets In San Diego Are Suffering From Increased Flea Plague

Are you noticing a few more fleas than usual hanging around your pup and threatening to form into a infestation? Depending on where you live, it could be very true! In San Diego, a sharp increase in the number of these pests occurred on Monday.

Residents of San Diego have noted that their pups have been having more and more issues in relation to fleas and have been left with nothing to do but scratch at all the itches that these annoying bugs cause. It’s a nightmare!

This sudden increase in fleas could be due in large part to the emergence of California out of the drought that it was under. With the increased rainfall, more grass has grown and the terrain is wetter, making the environment much more conducive to fleas. According to Dr. Grafton Houston, a vet from Tierra Santa, fleas despise dry weather and prefer humid areas like in soil, grass, or even in carpets.

So what can you do to combat this? Most vets would recommend an oral-based treatment for all pets monthly as part of standard preventative care. You could also opt for flea collars if you’re looking for a cheaper option. Read up about other preventative care options here.

Finally, do you need to worry about fleas personally, as a human? Unfortunately, flea bites can cause bumps and result in infection, so they can affect you in rare cases. Just keep your pup well treated and protected against fleas, and you won’t have much to fret about!

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