How To Do A Physical Exam Like A Vet - Part 1

How To Do A Physical Exam Like A Vet - Part 1

Ever wanted to learn to do a physical examination the way your vet does? Well, now you can!

Let me walk you through some ways to give your fur ball a mini check-up so that you can better care for your pup and notice subtle health issues if they crop up. You can start by making a general observation from afar. Notice the way your pup walks – is it even or is there a bit of a limp? If there is a limp, does it happen after exercise, after resting, or only when your fur ball goes fast? Does your pup sit funny or lean to the side? You can always record your pup walking so you can slow it down and show it to a vet!

You can also look for turned-out toes, flat feet, or muscle and joint asymmetries. How about areas like hair loss, a bloated abdomen, or odd breathing or posture? You can also search for discharges in the nose, vulva, and prepuce.

How about a physical exam? In this case, it’s important to use all your senses, even your sense of smell. A pup can’t tell you what hurts, so you have to figure it out. Use your hands to search for painful or tense areas. Don’t forget to check in the mouth and ears and under paws! It might take a while for a pup to get used to being handled, so be gentle and offer treats as rewards later on.

As a reminder, if you notice something off, though, do remember not to turn to the internet for answers! A veterinarian will have much better advice and a much less frightening diagnosis! In a later article, we’ll go more into detail about how to conduct specific physical examinations. Till then, do like and share away!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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