Pitbull Becomes Honorary Firefighter After Surviving Fire Hazard

Pitbull Becomes Honorary Firefighter After Surviving Fire Hazard

When a Pitbull named Jake was three weeks old, a fire broke out in his family’s home in South Carolina. Although firefighters arrived in time to rescue all the dogs in the home, Jake sustained injuries from the incident while the other dogs escaped without a scratch.

The firefighters quickly took him to a vet for treatment. Despite sustaining burns on 75% of his body and all his four paws, the pup survived.

One of the firefighters, Bill Lindler, decided to adopt Jake after his family abandoned him at the vet’s office. In the coming months, Jake would accompany his new dad to the fire station, and soon enough, he won the hearts of other firefighters at the station.

Jake was made an honorary firefighter and official mascot of the station. He often rode in the fire truck whenever he was on a mission with the crew and would wait at the fire station for them to return on missions he wasn’t taking along.

Jake retired from the fire station after seven years.

“Jake has taken everything that life could throw at him and has handled it with ease, broken barriers, and brought light to his breed and just how loving and loyal his breed is,” Linder wrote in his submission to the 2022 American Humane Dog Awards.

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