Pitbull Tied To Store Cart Finds A Loving Home

Pitbull Tied To Store Cart Finds A Loving Home

Sinatra's past before being abandoned is unknown, but it is likely that he was not a happy pup. The pitbull got a lucky break when his parent decided they no longer wanted him as he was being taken care of negligently.

While responsible dog parents would locate a suitable home for their dogs under such situations, Sinatra's parents tied him to a cart return in a pet store parking lot and left.


The dog didn't know why his parent abandoned him or when they would return. Even though it is painful to think about the incident, everything worked out for the best because Sinatra met Frank.


Frank revealed in an interview with GeoBeats Animals that he had been considering adopting a puppy when he received a text from a friend, who also happens to be a police officer. The friend informed him that they had gotten a report about an abandoned puppy and that the dog needed a new home.


Frank decided to adopt the pup and named him Sinatra. Although he didn't know it at the time, Sinatra would turn out to be everything he had ever wanted in a dog,


Frank described Sinatra as a very "food motivated", playful pup who loves cuddling. The duo have been together for 11 years, and it's been incredible. Sinatra has an Instagram account where Frank shares cute pictures of the dog with a growing fan base.

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