Pizza Place Comes Up With A Brilliant Way To Get People To Adopt Dogs In Shelter!

Most of us, and I’m sure all of us that are reading this, absolutely adoreour pets and would do anything to ensure their safety and well-being. A safe, happy environment with plenty of good food and a loving owner is virtually guaranteed for our companions.

Sadly, not all of our furry friends are lucky enough to be in this position. For various reasons, be it callous owners that simply do not care or the elderly couple forced to give up their pets owing to financial constraints, the animal rescue services, unfortunately, find the numbers of abandoned dogs rising at an alarming rate.

The daunting challenge they then face on a daily basis is that of trying to find new homes for these animals in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. Many people won’t consider welcoming a rescue dog into the family, preferring rather to purchase a new puppy and train it from small. They would rather not have “someone else’s problem “on their hands.

Faced with this unfortunate attitude, the rescuers have been forced to brainstorm and have come up with the ingenious idea of publishing rescue photos on pizza boxes. What better way to raise public awareness than by ‘in-your-face” advertising! Picture it, on leaning forward to grab that pizza slice you could be confronted with an image of pleading eyes and an advertisement with details of how one can adopt. Who could resist that?

Hopefully, this exciting venture will succeed in homing those angels-in-waiting!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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