Poor Pup Tied Extremely Close To A Tree That He Couldn't Move Finally Gets A Second Chance To Life

Poor Pup Tied Extremely Close To A Tree That He Couldn't Move Finally Gets A Second Chance To Life

Kerry Haney was enjoying a quiet night at home one evening in September when her phone started blowing up with notifications and calls.

Wee known in her community in New Jersey for being a passionate volunteer with the Don’t Bully Us Rescue group, everyone was informing her of a poor pup in a home in Swedesboro that had been padlocked tightly to a tree. The pup was apparently extremely hungry and he was tied so tightly that he could not move at all, and he was sitting in his own waste.

Haney hurried over to the location but there was no pup to be seen. She decided to call the Woolwich Township Police Department to report the situation. The department told her they had been made aware of the issue and were working to make sure the pit bull pup in question was unharmed.

It took a few days for the pup to be removed from the home where he was being neglected and mistreated. The person who neglected him was found guilty of animal mistreatment and fined. The pit bull, named Max, was placed in the Gloucester County Animal Shelter. He tested positive for heartworms and didn’t do well on some behavioral tests with the shelter, so they reached out to the Don’t Bully Us Rescue for help.

The Don’t Bully Us Rescue happily took Max in, and the pup was placed in Haney’s home as a foster pup. At first, it was believed that Max was very aggressive, but Haney found him to be sweet and a little overly excitable. He seemed to have forgotten – or to never have learned – how to be a dog!

Haney, and the rest of her family, have since worked on teaching Max some standard skill and showing him how to have fun. He’s getting along with his foster pup siblings, loves children very much, and can’t get enough of playtime! He also loves to spend all his time huddled up with the humans he likes.

Max would do best in an active household that can satisfy his play and walk needs. He needs an attentive and loving family who will cuddle with him all evening! If you’d like to adopt Max, contact the Don’t Bully Us rescue here!

Images & Feature Image Source: Don’t Bully Us Rescue

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