How Should You Prepare Your Pup For Grooming?

How Should You Prepare Your Pup For Grooming?

Grooming is a necessary part of a healthy pup’s life. But not all pups will take kindly to being groomed! The good news is that you can prepare them and train them to cooperate during the grooming process with just a few steps. Here are some tips to do so!

1. Trimming nails

Get your pup used to having their nails trimmed with baby steps. Begin just by touching each foot for a very short time, and then offering a reward. Next, pick up and grasp each paw for a few seconds. Gradually increase the time you hold their paws, offering a reward each time. When you’re finally able to trim their nails, do so slowly and patiently, with treats on hand!

2. Brushing and combing

You should get a pup used to the brushing process in the same slow and steady way as nail trimming. Present them with the brush first, then slowly brush them for a few seconds until you can do their whole bodies. Do not stop if your pup attempts to bite the brush as this will teach them that biting will stop the brushing. Don’ forget the treats!

3. Trimming fur

Slowly get your pup used to handling their faces in a similar way. Hold onto their chin and do not release them until they calm down or stop struggling – doing otherwise will, again, teach pups that struggling will stop their face from being touched. If you plan to use electric clippers or shavers, then get your pup used to the loud sounds and vibrations. You can do so by letting them listen to you dry your hair or by running an electric toothbrush or the shaver near them. Bring the sounds closer to their head with each try.

Remember, it is always easier to train a puppy to get used to new grooming, but you can always make it work with patience and rewards. Like and share away!

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