Doxie Knows The Importance Of Dental Hygiene!

Doxie Knows The Importance Of Dental Hygiene!

Choco Chan, the dachshund, got a new present and this time it’s a brand new, super delicious dental dog bone! See how excited she is about it!

Choco Chan knows the importance of keeping her chompers clean, especially as a dachshund as they are one of the breeds that have a tendency to have trouble with their teeth.

Many people think keeping a dog’s teeth tartar-free isn’t a huge deal, but it can actually save their life! The health of your dog’s teeth have a huge impact on the health of their heart and in turn, can greatly affect how long they live. Some dogs seem to be more predisposed to having trouble with their teeth, but keeping teeth pearly white is important for any dog. Providing your fur kids with plenty of appealing things to chew on is a great start, as Choco Chan is showing us in the video below. She clearly loves chewing away at this bone which is a wonderful habit for her to have!

In addition to providing bones, the best thing you can do to keep your fur kid healthy is brush their teeth. Some dogs aren’t big fans of it at first, but we’ve found the key is starting slow, being consistent, and finding a toothpaste they really love so they’ll come to think of getting their teeth brushed as a treat. Our fur kids weren’t big fans of the meat flavored pastes, but they go bananas for the vanilla/mint flavored one. We use Vibrac C.E.T. enzymatic toothpaste. It works well, the dogs love it, and while it doesn’t claim to do this, we swear we’ve seen it actually remove tartar that was already built up when we first started brushing. It can be tricky to find in stores, but you can get it from Amazon easily. You can get doggie toothbrushes there too – just make sure you get one that is appropriately sized for your fur kid’s mouth. If you’re not sure what size to go with, go with a duel-ended toothbrush since it has a small brush on one end and a larger one on the other so you can see what feels most comfortable for you and your fur kid. Whatever you choose, just don’t give up. The key is starting slow and sticking with it!

In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to stock up on plenty of good bones like Choco Chan has done! You can see this cutie go to work on her bone in the video below:

Feature Image Source: ミニチュアダックス3姉妹物語

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