Pup Abandoned On Train Tracks Finally Finds The Perfect Family To Help Her Heal

Pup Abandoned On Train Tracks Finally Finds The Perfect Family To Help Her Heal

When Tweedy the Shar-Pei was abandoned in Los Angeles, she sought a place to rest near train tracks. While she was there, a makeshift house and food bowl was set up by an unknown good Samaritan, but the pup needed more vital care.

Hope for Paws was eventually contacted to rescue her, but it was a difficult task. JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo approached her, but Tweedy was terrified. She showed no interest in food and wouldn’t let them near her. Finally, the rescuers were able to slip a leash over her as the pup ran by, but naturally, that frightened poor Tweedy awfully and she desperately tried to chew the leash off.

Rescuers managed to load her into their car, where she remained wary but was calm enough to allow Arturo to stroke her paw. Eventually, they arrived at the vet, and that’s where Tweedy began to understand that these people were here to help, not hurt.

A medical examination revealed that the pup was in pain from several fractured teeth, a broken elbow, and ear and skin infections. As treatment began, she slowly became less frightened, and she grew closer to Arturo. However, she was still nervous around others. It took three days for her to even begin to fully trust Arturo.

Tweedy was moved into foster care by LA Animal Rescue, but she was still terrified around her foster family. The family gave her space and time, and eventually she began to approach them. That’s when they discovered she wouldn’t look at them and found out she had an issue with her eyes. A vet check revealed that she had entropion in both eyes!

Once that was taken care of, Tweedy came even further out of her shell. After a while living with her foster family, she’s ready to be taken into a forever home, and she can’t wait for what’s ahead!

Images & Feature Image Source: Hope for Paws

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