Does Your Pup Get Bored Fast? Here Are 4 Epic Boredom Busters!

Does Your Pup Get Bored Fast? Here Are 4 Epic Boredom Busters!

Does your fur ball seem to always have way too much energy to expend?

How about giving them some new toys to keep them occupied? You can check out some ideas for DIY toys here, or read on for some treat-based toys!

1. Frozen Kongs

If your fur ball loves to chew, freeze a Kong and let him at it! You can also fill a Kong with peanut butter, sweet potato, or their regular dry or wet food before freezing for extra fun. Try to rotate the Kongs you give your pup to keep him excited!

2. Frozen treats

Use an old ice cream container and freeze some broth or onion-free stock in it, then leave it out for your pup to lap at. You can also freeze a toy or chew inside a block of ice so your fur ball can work at the frozen bits to get it out!

3. Treat balls

Eating meals from a bowl? Boring! Put your pup’s breakfast in a treat ball and let him roll it around to get his food. Whoever said “don’t play with your food” didn’t know what they were missing!

4. Slow feeder bowls

Purchase a slow feeder to help your pup slow down his chowing and keep him occupied. You can also try hiding your fur ball’s food in different places around the house to turn dinner into a bit of a game. Like I said, playing with food isn’t all bad!

Any one of these are sure to result in a happy – and tired – pup! Do like and share these treat ideas with other pup Mommies and Daddies to give them some great ideas too!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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