Why Does Your Pup Stick His Head Out While You're Driving?

Why Does Your Pup Stick His Head Out While You're Driving?

All pups love car rides! If there’s one universal symbol of a dog’s happiness, it’s a picture of them sticking their head out the window, fast wind whipping their ears and fur around, as they watch the world go by.

But this is more a fantasy than a reality, and the truth is, pup parents shouldn’t let their pups have their heads out of the window during drives. Here are three reasons why!

1. Flying debris

Small objects can pack a huge punch at high speeds. That’s why sometimes, debris that hits your car can cause a dent in the hood or even a crack in your window. Imagine what happens when those same debris hit your pup’s face? It puts a pup’s eyes, nose, ears, and entire face at risk of injury!

2. Wind

The high speed wind might look cool, but when a pup’s ears flap and wave around from it, it can actually lead to permanent damage. The rushing wind can cause swelling, scarring, and pain in a pup’s ears.

3. Escape routes

As a general rule, if a pup can fit his head through something, he can squeeze his whole body through. An excited pup could jump through the window or simply accidentally fall out of the car if you’re driving very fast or if you break very suddenly.

So what’s the best way for a pup to ride in your car? In the back seat, secured with either a carrier or a dog seat belt. Road trips are fun, so let’s keep them safe for our pups! Do like and share this information with others who may need it!

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